The Beast Hunters by Christer Lende

Meet Ara, a seventeen year old girl with a heartbreaking life of misery brought about by her parents cruel and unfair mistreatment after the death of her sister which she is blamed for.

When a mysterious beast breaks into her home and brutally murders her parents Ara is saved by Topper and Khendric, two beast hunters who take her under their wing and on an adventure to another land. Along the way she encounters and learns about several mysterious creatures that inhabit the magic world Lende has created.

As the vivid story develops we gain more undetstand of the fascinating backgrounds of our two beast hunters which are at first shrouded in intrigue and mystery. At the same time we are taken on a journey with the protagonist, Ara, as she grows into a confident and brave woman after finally escaping the torment of life with her family. The book ends with a satisfying conclusion to the case the Beast Hunters have been working on whilst also leaving the door open for a sequel.

I absolutely loved this book, it’s set in a unique fantasy world inhabited by many terrifying creatures and interesting characters. It contains several mysteries which are solved as the tale goes on and I had a sense of mistrust of the characters at times which made me feel intrigued and fascinated to learn more about them.

Christer Lende has written a fantastic book I would highly recommend to everyone and I personally can’t wait for the next installment. I’m sure the world and characters can be expanded further and I look forward to reading all about it!

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